ChiGivesBack Founders Discuss #Teach2Give on WGN's Roe Conn Show

ChiGivesBack Founders Sandi Robinson, John Boddie and Kouri Marshall appeared on the Roe Conn show to discuss the importance of their #Teach2Give program.

The U.S Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) found that in the 2015-16 school year teachers, on average, spent $480 unreimbursed dollars on school supplies. $523 unreimbursed dollars, on average, if the teachers teach in a high-poverty school. The Economic Policy Institute found that is the experience of more than 91% of teachers.

In addition to the financial burden, teachers are also undervalued. The Harvard Business Review (2018) gave a report on the stress and burnout experience by teachers over the nation. They reported that 93% of teachers report high stress levels and that 61% of teachers find work to be stressful.

And here in Chicago, we have a force of educators who have the huge responsibility of guiding students forward from the grips of living in neighborhoods stricken by chronic poverty, crime, mental health instability and gun violence. We believe that educators are the first line of defense to creating a more just, giving and civil society. #Teach2Give Honors is a program designed specifically to recognize educator’s prominent positions as gatekeepers to the future by giving them support, agency and a voice.

Check out the interview below, and to support #Teach2Give, click here: Support Chicago Teachers! Note: Click on the bar below to move to different parts of the interview.